An extensive range of Facial Treatments to combat issues including ageing, pigmentation, acne, scarring, stress and skin rejuvenation. Every facial is is tailored to your individual needs, and can be progressed as part of a regular programme for best results.

Non-Surgical Face Lifting

The Non-Surgical Face Lift is a sixty-minute treatment that sends microcurrent impulses to the individual muscles of the face, stimulating them to exercise in situ (Static Exercise with Faradic Energy). The computerised programme also boosts blood circulation, increases lymphatic drainage (reducing puffiness and fluid retention) and aids the absorption of active plant extracts to strengthen and nourish collagen activity. The facial is relaxing yet potent; due to the microcurrent technology, there is little sensation, leaving you refreshed and looking fabulous.

Treatments are available as a course of ten: regular sessions (weekly is recommended) are advised for best results, then 1-2 monthly to maintain tone. They can also be alternated with any of the facials, although interspersing with Radio Frequency will dramatically boost progress.

Non-Surgical Face Lifting: Individual £52.50               Course of Ten £450.00 

Radio Frequency Facial

The Radio Frequency Facial sends carefully controlled bursts of heat into the dermis (the skin’s living ‘engine room’), stimulating intensive activity to increase collagen production and repair broken fibres. This strengthens and tightens the face, improving crepey necks, sagging jowls and jawlines. The system combines this with lymphatic drainage using Vacuum Suction (similar to cupping technology) and either Blue (detoxing, antibacterial) or Red (regenerating) LED, creating a Tri-Lift effect on the skin.

The Radio Frequency Deluxe Facial is the kick-starting precursor: ninety minutes long, the procedure begins with a RegimA mini-peel, then continues with Radio Frequency Tri-Lift, intensive absorption of active plant extracts, collagen mask, eye treatment with LED mask and finishes with serum and day cream to seal in nutrients and calm and protect the skin.

Results are truly stunning and can be upheld with the Radio Frequency Maintenance Facials at one-two month intervals. 

The Radio Frequency Deluxe Facial is recommended once or twice yearly as a booster to combat the ageing process. 


Radio Frequency Tri-Lift Deluxe Facial £120.00

Radio Frequency Maintenance Facial: Individual £ 80.00     Course of Six £400.00

The Signature Facial Collection: Gold, Platinum and Platinum Plus

These are my own Signature Facials, combining over thirty years of knowledge and experience with the latest technology and most powerful plant extracts and skincare products. Every facial is bespoke, based on your skin concerns and condition at the moment you enter the treatment room.

Each Signature Facial is time-managed: Gold is a thirty-minute treatment, Platinum is sixty minutes and Platinum Plus is ninety minutes in total. They utilise a range of technology, including LED, High Frequency, concentrated Faradic, Microneedling, Meso, and Ultrasonic, depending on your skin needs. Products include RegimA powerful cosmeceuticals and bespoke serums and masks.

Signature Facial Collection:

Gold Facial £65.00

Platinum Facial £77.50

Platinum Plus Facial £107.50

The RegimA 'Peel and Heal' Facial

RegimA is an award-winning skincare company based in South Africa. They create cosmeceutical treatments and products: with potency and results that the usual off-the-shelf retail skincare cannot emulate. Unlike chemical peels, the ‘Peel and Heal’ Facial suits any skin type or colour. Powerful plant-based ingredients boost and repair the dermis for truly stunning results. They work wonders on problematic pigmentation, dull, lifeless skin, fine lines and other ageing concerns, excessive oiliness or dryness. The treatments are gentle enough to have every two weeks if required, and a course is recommended for best results on particular skin concerns. The facial results are maintained and improved with RegimA home care products prescribed for your skin type and circumstances. RegimA is the no.1 skincare range in SA, with ongoing specialist training in their products and treatments.

RegimA ‘Peel and Heal’ Facials: Individual  £67.50       Course of Three £180.00

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