The fine, downy ‘peach fuzz’ on the face is called Vellus hair and is very shallowly rooted compared to other thicker hairs.
The DMK Alkaline Wash is a treatment that can change your skin’s natural pH from approximately 7.5 to 12.0 in six minutes, completely removing all the hairs present. The process can be enough to damage hair-producing cells in these shallow follicles, reducing the amount of regrowth by a small percentage after each treatment.  When you’re happy with the remaining hairs, it’s time to stop: the damaged follicles will not recover.  
The reduction is evenly distributed, so there are no patchy results. It can be used on any part of the face or body that has vellus hair growth.
A consultation and patch test are mandatory before starting treatment, and the Seba-E aftercare oil (currently £25.00) must be purchased and used in accordance with the aftercare instructions after every treatment.

DMK Alkaline Wash Consultation: £35.00

Full Face treatment: £67.50

Lip or Chin: £27.50

Neck: £42.50

Sides of Face: £52.50

Lower Arms: £77.50

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