The Sleep Therapy Facial

Japanese woman receiving a facial massage at an aesthetic salon
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Tension, Neck & Shoulder Pain, Anxiety, Insomnia?

Stress can affect us in many different ways, building up slowly over time or as a result of a difficult period in our lives, such as work/home problems, exam anxiety, family illness or bereavement, issues with our own general health or even poor posture. Stress usually manifests in the shoulders, neck and head, where it will gradually increase, causing tension headaches, and neck and shoulder stiffness. Our quality of sleep can also be affected, making it difficult to perform everyday tasks.

The Sleep Therapy Facial targets those areas most affected physically by stress. It encompasses carefully created massage movements with deep breathing and a single serum containing de-stressing natural extracts of lavender, rosehip, vitamin E, meadowfoam, coconut and sunflower. It can be a one-off treatment or in a course to deal with long term issues and for maintenance and prevention.