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Polycystic Ovary Syndrome and Excessive Hair Growth


Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) is a condition affecting the main functions of a woman’s reproductive system. The symptoms usually become apparent from late puberty to mid-twenties, and include:

  • irregular periods due to difficulty releasing eggs (ovulation)
  • excessive hair growth on the face and/or body due to overproduction of androgen hormones
  • possible fertility issues
  • oily skin/acne
  • weight gain

It’s estimated that 1 in 10 females may have PCOS, which often goes undiagnosed due to lack of awareness about the condition.

I see many young women in my practice with PCOS, a few of whom have sought medical help about their excessive hair growth (hirsutism) but felt they weren’t taken seriously and didn’t know where to seek advice. Most have ‘beards’ of thick, strong hair, often combined with acne. The mental impact of such distressing symptoms on these beautiful, intelligent women is truly heartbreaking: some have support but others hide the condition from friends and family: relying on shaving, plucking and depilatory creams because they are too embarrassed to admit there is a problem. With the onset of social media, there has never been so much pressure to have ‘perfect’ features (although online photos are heavily edited and filtered to the max), which add to the stress of the condition.

I advise my clients that although PCOS is a lifelong condition, there are ways to eliminate the current hair growth and manage it so that it doesn’t impact on their daily lives.

Electrolysis will remove current hair growth forever: we cannot stop the body producing more but if and when growth occurs it can be recognised and treated straight away, eliminating it quickly and effectively. Thus these pesky outbreaks are reduced to treatable irritations rather than adding to an already difficult condition. I have helped hundreds of women with their hair growth and skin issues: results cannot be achieved overnight, but we work together to achieve a smooth, hair and blemish-free complexion so they can get on with living their lives.

I have added some links to provide more information about PCOS: if you or anyone you know thinks they may have the condition, please don’t struggle alone. I can help you address your skin and hair issues, and a medical diagnosis may help to address the underlying cause of the problem.

Information coming soon

Unwanted Hair Growth

I was recently asked why I have so few reviews about Electrolysis if it is such a successful treatment, so I decided to address it here. Sadly, excessive or unwanted hair growth is still a taboo subject: people are ashamed to admit to having it and are too embarrassed to discuss it with even their closest friends and family. They worry that by revealing they have this problem, they are ‘not normal’ or even ‘freaks’. They believe they are alone and go to great lengths to hide it from others. No wonder there are so few reviews!

Hair growth has many causes: it can be hereditary, genetic, hormonal (puberty, pregnancy, menopause), or sometimes due to a medical condition or a side-effect of medication. Whatever the cause, there are solutions. Waxing, shaving or plucking may work for you – others may struggle to manage their growth and wish for a permanent solution. 

Electrolysis has been my most popular treatment since the very beginning of my career. I have treated hundreds of men and women for unwanted hair and removed it successfully for good. Unwanted growth can be anything from a couple of annoying stray hairs on the chin to a full-blown beard, excessive bikini hair, monobrow etc: if what you have causes you concern, then why not have it removed in a safe professional environment?

Consultations and treatment are completely confidential. My business is conducted on a one-to-one basis at all times, with evening appointments available on Wednesdays, Thursday and Fridays till 8pm. 

No one has EVER said they regretted having electrolysis, only that they wish they had started treatment sooner. So I’ll be adding anonymous quotes from electrolysis clients beneath my reviews: these are all genuine words from grateful, wonderful people who feel they cannot reveal their identities but want to encourage others to experience the freedom of electrolysis for themselves.


It’s ridiculous that this subject is ignored or skirted around by society: menstruation is a regular part of a woman’s physiology, like breathing or digestion of food. It is part and parcel of our reproductive system, and necessary for producing life: so why is seen as something we should keep hidden? Millions of women suffer from painful, often excessive bleeding on a regular basis – if it was coming from our heads, an arm or similar we would be urged to stop work and seek help.  There’s an excellent article featured in The Guardian newspaper about the problems women have faced regarding menstruation affected by Pandemic stress. For anyone suffering more than usual in the last 18 months, this could provide you with answers:…/pandemic-periods-why-womens-menstrual-cycles-have-gone-haywire