Blemish Removal Questions and Answers

  • Q: What blemishes can be treated? A: Skin Tags, Sebaceous Keratoses, Cherry Angiomas, Age Spots, Broken Capillaries on the face (Telangiactasia), Warts, Verrucas, Papilla Nigra, Whiteheads (Milia), Hairs in Moles, some Benign Moles (may require written medical permission) and more!
  • Q: How long does removal take? A: Different types of blemishes require different specialised techniques – some may take seconds, others may take several minutes depending on the site of the blemish, size, age etc.
  • Q: Can my blemish be removed in one session? A: Most blemishes can be successfully removed in a single session, but this is not guaranteed. I consider ‘little and often’ is sometimes the best way to treat a difficult or very large blemish. The skin must not be overworked, or healing may be affected and scarring can occur. If necessary a blemish may require 2-3 sessions to fully remove safely with perfect healing and I stipulate a 3 week gap between treatments to allow for this.
  • Q: Does it hurt? A: You will feel heat during treatment as it is a form of thermo-coagulation. We are genetically programmed to perceive heat as pain and instinctively flinch away, regardless of how hot the sensation actually is. Most clients cope with this sensation extremely well, especially as most blemishes require very little time to be removed (a skin tag can be removed in a matter of seconds). All clients consider the results more than worth the effort of sitting still!
  • Q: Will there be post-treatment care? A: You will be given an aftercare product and advisory leaflet for use after your treatment. Depending on the type of treatment and your personal skin type, you may need to avoid certain products and activities for 24-72 hours immediately following the appointment (perfumes, body or face scrubs, exercise, for example). This will be fully advised and explained during your consultation.
  • Q: How many blemishes are treated for a patch test? A: Depending on the size, area and nature, one or maybe two blemishes can be treated during consultation as a patch test. So for example if you have a single tag, then booking a consultation may be sufficient. Again, this cannot be guaranteed.
  • Q: What are your qualifications? A: I have been a qualified Electrolysist for 32 years, but regularly undertake CPD (Continual Profession Development) training to update and improve my skills. I progressed to a VTCT Level 4 qualification in Advanced Electrolysis Blemish Removal in 2019 and will be undertaking the Level 5 (the current highest UK qualification) in Spring 2022. I also hold accreditation from MASCED UK, the professional Skin Cancer awareness training provided by (Karen Clifford Cancer Trust)