Cutting Edge Non Surgical Facial Aesthetics Facials

Spa Facial £30.00

The Sleep Therapy Dream Facial £40.00

Non Surgical Face Lift £40.00

The Mini Facial £20.00

LED Light Therapy Facial £35.00

The RegimA Peel and Heal Facial £60.00

The Silver Facial £50.00

The Gold Facial £60.00

The Platinum Facial £70.00

Non Surgical Face Lift

non surgical facelift

Ultra Visage™ uses micro-current for facial contour lifting. The 60 minute treatment deep cleanses, boosts circulation and lymphatic drainage and allows deep penetration of active ingredients, whilst stimulating facial muscles to tone and lift. A course of treatments is advisable for the best results.

Ultra Visage™ Non Surgical Face Lift £40.00
Course of 10 £350.00 (save £50.00)

LED Light Therapy Facial

The Light Therapy Facial incorporates galvanic, ultrasonic and LED light technology* with massage. This powerful combination helps to deep cleanse and detox the skin.
The process is safe, painless and gentle: suitable for any skin type.

*LED light technology uses natural light waves to help:
• revitalise cells
• enhance blood circulation
• increase oxygen supply
• strengthen skin tissues and improve metabolism
• activate photoreceptor cells where energy is absorbed by skin components for a more beautiful complexion.

Light Therapy Facial £35.00 (30 minutes)
Light Therapy Facial with Revitalising Eye Treatment £40.00 (40 minutes)

The Spa Facial

Using the incredible Spa Find products enriched with minerals from the Dead Sea: intensely revitalising and nourishing. Includes face, neck, shoulder and scalp massage for a heavenly relaxing experience with immediate results. This treatment also makes an excellent gift (if you can bear to give it away!)

Spa Facial £30.00 (1Hour)

RegimA Peel and Heal Treatments

Peel and Heal: Classic RegimA skin peel for face and neck

Who can be helped by RégimA?
* All Skin Types: Including the most Sensitive skins
* White, Asian or Black Skin
* Rejuvenation for: Sun damage, crepey, wrinkled skins, ageing neck, sagging breast tissue, creased décolleté (chest & cleavage)
* Pigmentation: Chloasma, pigmented and uneven skin tone, 'age spots', 'sun spots' on face and hands
* Acne: Problem skins of any age
* Scars: New and Old
* Laser: Essential Pre & Post Skin Resurfacing Laser Treatment
* Body Treatment home care products
* Pregnancy
* Cellulite

Main active ingredients are: Peach, Raspberry and Apple extract: organic acids such as citric, malic and tartaric acids taken from peach tree leaves, apple and raspberry. The combined effects of these active ingredients boost regenerative cellular activity to fight the ageing process. A mild exfoliating action softens the skin’s surface.
Lactic, Malic and Citric Acid: lactic acid forms the base of the product as the primary exfoliator and skin smoothing agent. Malic acid and citric acid accelerate epidermal desquamation (peeling) and increase the keratolytic (skin softening) rate of the skin.
The first treatment has the shortest working time, as the skin acclimatises to the procedure. The amount of peel working time is then increased over the course for best results. Only RegimA products can be used for two weeks post treatment: the initial treatment includes a travel sized gift set containing the prescribed home care products.

Initial Peel and Heal Facial Treatment .........£60.00 (includes complimentary consultation and 14 days home care products)

Further Peel and Heal Treatment (increasing working time).......£60.00
Course of three Peel and Heal Treatments .........£160.00

Spa Find Sleep Therapy Dream Facial

The Sleep Therapy Dream Facial uses Spa Find's Sleep Therapy Serum made from a blend of organic Vitamin E, Lavender, Rose Hip and Meadowfoam oils. Together they work to hydrate, smooth and repair the skin and promote a feeling of soothing calm and relaxation.
A carefully created sequence of massage moves gradually from the hands, along the arms, shoulders and face, up into the scalp, freeing tension and putting the mind into the perfect state for drifting into sleep.

I'm proud to say that to date 100% of clients who have received this treatment at Penketh Beauty have reported a vastly improved night of sleep directly afterwards.

Sleep Therapy Dream Facial £40.00

The Mini Facial

No time? The mini facial cleanses, exfoliates and nourishes the skin in just 30 minutes! Maintains skin health between more intensive treatments and also makes a lovely gift.

Mini Facial £20.00

The Precious Metals Facial Collection

Nature + Science = Skin Perfection

The powerful plant extracts and minerals of Spa Find and RegimA combine with LED light therapy, microcurrent facial lifting and ultrasonic technology to create a stunning trio of facials.

These red carpet bespoke treatments are designed to give you top billing at any event: whether it's the party of the year or the best day of your life!