Hello Everyone! As many of you know I had major surgery at the start of the year. A big thank you for all the love, flowers, cards and presents, you certainly know how to cheer a girl up! I’m pretty much recovered now and raring to carry on as usual: I have upcoming advanced training with RegimA and also the British Institute of Electrolysists, can’t wait to learn new techniques and improve my knowledge. I also wanted to share some information with you.
I noticed a small mark on this client’s nose last year (Pic 1) and urged her to see her GP to get it checked out. It was biopsied as a Basal Cell Carcinoma (BCC) and she underwent MOHS surgery to remove it (Pic 2). After surgery I advised her to try RegimA Scar Repair twice daily: Pics 2 and 3 show the results after three and four months of application. Nowadays it is barely noticeable at all. Amazing.

I am accredited by the Karen Clifford Cancer Trust for their MASCED programme (http://www.skcin.org/), which means I am trained to recognise irregular blemishes that may need medical attention. If you find anything unusual on your skin please don’t feel embarrassed to mention it: I’m more than happy to check and I could literally save your life.


A National Accreditation Programme for
hair, health and beauty industry professionals to
promote the prevention and early detection of
skin cancer, improve prognosis and save lives.

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